Is Mustard Oil Good For Health?

Is Mustard Oil Good For Health?

With its distinct flavor Mustard oil is used in Indian kitchens for centuries. It is also know to be an integral part of Ayurveda due to its multiple health benefits such as - it reduces pain when applied externally, inflammation and aids to slow down cancer cell growth when you make it a part of your diet over a period of time. Mustard oil is also beneficial for hair and skin.
With a ratio of essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants, mustard oil is one of the healthiest edible oil with enormous benefits for heart health. It consists of 60% monosaturated fatty acid(MUFA), 12% saturated fats, and 21% polyunsaturated fats(PUFA), 6% of omega-3 fatty acids and 15% omega-6 with the ideal ratio of 1:2. Mustard oil meets all the criteria that help reduce triglycerides and keep the heart healthy.

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard has numerous health benefits. This oil consists of MUFA and is also rich in alpha-linolenic acid, essential for maintaining healthy cholesterol balance and protecting cardiovascular health. It helps the digestive tract from harmful infections and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Omega-3, omega-6, and vitamin E present in mustard oil fulfills the requirement of nutritional value and boosts the immune system.

Below are some of the benefits of mustard oil:

Cardioprotective Effects
Mustard oil is low in saturated fats, hence reduces the risk of heart failure, arrhythmias and anginaby maintaining heart’s health.

Strengthens Red Blood Cells
Major source of fats required by our body to perform different biological functions is present in mustard oil. It also helps improve the membrane structure of red blood cells.

Acts as a Stimulant
Mustard oil acts as a stimulator for our sweat glands, further improving blood circulation throughout our body. This, in turn relaxes our overstressed muscles.

Reduces Cough, Colds
Mustard oil clears congestion when you add a few drops in the water before steam inhalation. It is also known to heal those suffering from sinuses.
It provides relief from cough and cold when you massage your feet and chest with a mixture of mustard oil heated with few cloves of garlic and ajwain.

Antibacterial, Antifungal & Anti-carcinogenic Properties
Due to the presence of Glucosinolate, mustard oil is known to haveantibacterial, antifungal & anti-carcinogenic properties, which help prevent cancer, and serves as antibiotic for human health.

Relief from Joint Pain & Arthritis
Omega-3 fatty acids, which are present in mustard oil, gives relief from muscle aches and joint pain. A regular massage also providesrelief and ease in stiffness caused due to arthritis.

Immunity Booster
Mustard oil has an optimum range of omega 3, omega 5 fatty acids and vitamin E it provides our body with the required nutrition values that help boost our immunity.

Reduces Diabetic Hazards
Loaded with MUFA, PUFA, Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids, minerals and Vitamin E. Mustard oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, the presence of alpha-tocopherol is beneficial to control diabetic hazards.

Boosts Appetite
Mustard oil facilitates the secretion of gastric juices, which help boost your appetite. Also know to improve digestion by stimulating digestive juices and bile in the liver and spleen.

Slows the growth of cancer cells
Studies have also shown that consumption of mustard oil in our diet can aid in slowing down the growth of various cancer cells. The abundant presence of linolenic acid in mustard oil is turned into Omega-3 fatty acids by our body, which helps prevent cancers of the stomach and colon.


Widely known for its culinary use due to its distinct taste, mustard oil also acts as therapeutic massage oil for our hair and body. Its remedial properties are known to cure stomach and skin infections.

Mustard oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA). PUFA is known to contain very little cholesterol and can decrease the risk of heartdiseases. PUFA also contains fatty acids that your body cannot produce; omega-3 alpha-linoleicacid (ALA) and omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) is also present in mustard oil, and it has a low content of saturated fats. These are good fats as they lower the risk of developing ischemic heart disease. It also has cancer-fighting properties that make it a very healthy alternative.

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