Gramya Farms Journey

Gramya Farms started as a dream of mothers. Kiran Yadav and Deepa Kirodian wanted nothing more than to feed their loved ones with healthy and clean food. They first noticed that most of the produce purchased from the market was heavily lathered with chemicals and this produce had completely overtaken nearly every household around them. 

So, they chose to grow their own. Grow clean and unadulterated produce just the way Kiran’s family had taught her and her previous generations. They began their journey on family land and relentlessly worked for 5 long years to cure the land of its poisoning. That is how long it took them to finally get the farm back to how it could have been - untouched by human hands, all before planting a single seed. 

The original little patch of land, post it’s cleansing and with the help of regenerative farming practices, bore a bounty higher than any of us expected. Word spread quickly and the neighbouring farmers who saw the abundance of produce approached them for seeking advice and they were very motivated to teach them and spread the knowledge of regenerative farming. Today, they are a part of the growing Gramya Farms family.

Eventually, what was born as a single farm, grew to a network of Grameens creating jobs for women and homemakers of the village. They spend their free time helping them create the produce, which is made in small batches everyday.