The regenerative farming techniques used at Gramya Farms ensures you eat nothing but the best! Our goal is to grow food untouched by chemicals, as it would be in nature. We intend to be your own ‘Grameen’, promising to always bring the same unadulterated, natural produce, right to your doorstep!

Regenerative farming techniques used at Gramya Farms start from locking in the nutrients in the soil by making the farm undergo a long cleansing process, making sure all the produce is free of all chemicals and just as nutritious as it would be if grown in the wild. Our produce is packaged in small batches to ensure you get the best quality!

A2 Cow Desi GHee

Raw Wild Honey

Raw Wild Honey

Raw honey is best described as honey “as it exists in the beehive” At Gramya Farms the honeybees roam around freely to collect nectar and pollen from various flora in and around the farm.

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Wood Pressed Mustard oil



The smell, the flavour and the touch of gramya farms ghee in my daily Dal Chawal… simply divine!


This cooking oil was so light as compared to other oils, I could feel the difference..It is pure and natural just like it promises to be. Going to stick with this for my cooking.


I loved the taste of honey. There's a distinct difference to the commercial brands I used to previously use. The sweetness feels natural and I love it. Cannot even begin to talk about how much I loved the packaging. Highly recommend others to try it!


The aroma of Gramya farms desi ghee took me back to my childhood! When I use to visit my grandparents home and what my granny used to feed us. Pure love!