Olive Oil vs Desi Ghee

Olive Oil vs Desi Ghee

Found in the Mediterranean basin, Olive fruit is famous as a traditional crop with multiple benefits. Oil extracted from Olive fruit has 14% saturated fat, while 11% of it is unsaturated fat. 73% of its oil content is Oleic acid and is primarily monounsaturated fat. Olive oil is prepared through an extensive processing method and is helpful for several purposes.

While, A2 milk goes through a simple process to become A2 Pure Cow Desi Ghee. Milk is mixed with a curd starter to turn to curd. It is then hand churned using the ‘bilona’ method to separate white butter and its water content, which is buttermilk. This white butter is then heated on slow fire to separate the fat, while the remaining water content evaporate and the milk solids settle as residue. The final process, is straining it with the help of a muslin cloth, which separates this pure golden fat.

Both these products have their respective qualities; a comparative analysis helps understand their contribution to human health.

Fat content in Olive Oil & Ghee

Fat content in Pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee and Olive oil differs, and so do the nutritional values. Usually, the perception prevails that the fat content in Pure Desi Cow Ghee is harmful to human health.

Top quality Pure Desi Cow Ghee has a unique content; conjugated linoleic acid. That helps in fat loss. This type of acid ensures that the cholesterol levels in the human body are controlled. Research throws light on the fact that Pure Cow Ghee creates fewer increments in cholesterol levels. Admittedly, Pure Ghee has saturated fats from Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. These acids help rebalance the levels of conjugated linoleic acid.

On the other hand, Olive oil has three types of fat, such as saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats. As Omega-9 is present in this in the shape of monounsaturated fat, it is suitable for human health, and it boosts HDL cholesterol.

Vitamins in Pure Desi Cow Ghee and Olive Oil

Vitamins are essential for the excellent health of the human body. Pure A2 Cow Ghee is a rich depository of soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin A, E, D, and K.

The functioning in the body requires Vitamins A for its proper maintenance, and contributes to the protection of the bone density. It is rich in Vitamin D and is very helpful in the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus levels in the human body. While the presence of Vitamin E in Desi Cow Ghee acts as a rich antioxidant, Vitamin K prevents blood cells in the human body from coagulation.

Olive oil is also a suitable depository of Vitamin E and K. Both the Vitamins are fat soluble, while Vitamin E is antioxidant, and Vitamin K prevents blood cells from coagulation similar toPure A2 Desi Cow Ghee.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee and Olive Oil and their durability

Pure Cow Ghee could be kept in a dry, airtight pot or jar for up to one year. Make sure the spoon or scoop gets cleaned and dried thoroughly before every use, in such case the stock of Ghee could remain fresh for two years.

Similarly, Olive oil could stay fresh for 18 to 24 months without going stale. If stored it in a well-sealed container in a cool, dry place.

Flavour-Ghee has a lasting sweet flavour, while Olive oil tastes a tad bitter and pungent due to the nature of the Olive fruit. Both the products are abundantly used in the cooking of delicacies around the world.

Uses-Other than being the principal item in cooking for pan frying, deep frying, and stir-frying, which adds exceptional taste to the delicacies. Cow ghee is also applied to hair and body, and has a very sacred place in religious offerings in India.

Extra virgin Olive oil is used in sauces, marinades, salad dressings, drizzling on roasted vegetables and low heat cooking methods. It cannot be heated to high temperatures, unlike Ghee, which has a high smoking point.

Which one is preferable-Pure Desi Cow Ghee or Olive Oil?

Gut Friendly- Pure ghee contains butyric acid; as research says, it is known for reducing inflammation and boosts gut health.

The presence of polyphenols in Olive oil and their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties helps the ability to boost the immune response within the gut lining.

Heart Friendly- As a rich repository of monounsaturated fats, Pure Desi Cow Ghee is relatively healthy for the heart and is beneficial for reducing heart ailments. However, experts opine on consuming it in moderation.

The monounsaturated fat, present in Olive oil, help with HDL levels, also known as the ‘good cholesterol’.

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