Side effects of Ghee on hair

Side effects of Ghee on hair

Ghee-clarified butter- has the most elevated place in Indian traditions for being a medicine in ayurveda and also used as an offering in the worships of Gods and Goddesses. It has no rival as a supplement in the cooking of Indian sweets, curries and other food items. For time immemorial, this sacred desi cow ghee has served the teeming millions of the sub-continent as a common household item with its multitude applications in domestic uses. With its efficacy as medicine, the product continues to serve as an age-old hair-care anti-dote for hair fall and other related hair problems.
Given its conventional values as medicine and a domestic product, this valued milk derivative is not devoid of the usual criticism that follows almost everything. The sacred product has, so to say, a few of inconsequential flip sides that go almost unnoticed in its regular applications.
Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons regarding the use of desi ghee.

Ghee-the best anti-dote for alternative use

Doubtlessly, if you massage ghee on your scalp, your hair grows softer as the lactose free fat is a storehouse of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. As a rich source of antioxidants, desi ghee has the best applications for hair growth. But do stay away from extreme use of it. Excessive use of ghee could clog the pores on your scalp. Your scalp could develop acne from excessive rubbing of ghee.

A real solution for dull and dry hair

Does your hair become dull and dry for lack of moisture? If it is then applying ghee on the scalp is the right solution. The healthy fat in ghee helps your scalp to become healthy and your hair smoother without causing irritation. As the fatty acids in ghee moisturize the scalp, giving your hair enough nourishment and hydration. Ghee has forever stayed the best solution for hair treatment that always keeps your hair soft and beautiful. From time immemorial, generations in India have preferred it as the best treatment for stronger and longer hair to other alternatives.

Ghee is the best nourishment for lively hair

The indigenously produced cow ghee is the richest source of necessary vitamins and healthy fat. Particularly, vitamins A and D help in nourishing your hair to a great extent. The age-old ayurvedic therapies would surely suggest you to apply ghee on your hair and tie a cloth over your head before you sleep in the night and wash your hair in the morning.This practice helps you nourish your hair thoroughly without allowing it to get damaged.

Do wash your hair when you apply ghee

When you roam inside a vehicular city in a polluted atmosphere, your hair comes in contact with dust and grime in the air. This gradually makes your hair weaker. Ayurveda suggests you massage your scalp with ghee and your hair would certainly grow thicker and healthier. But it is best practice if you keep the ghee on your scalp and hair for some time and then wash it off thoroughly. This prescribed method in Ayurveda helps the roots of your hair

Do consult a hair expert before applying ghee on hair

You feel happy when your hair shows growth and glow by regular massaging of ghee over your scalp. A few drops of quality ghee gives real nourishment to your hair while increased quantity could clog the pores on your scalp without allowing your hair to grow richly. If you have preexisting infection on your scalp, it is better you consult a dermatologist or a hair expert before you begin massaging your hair with ghee.

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