The Vedic Process: Handcrafted Cultured A2 Ghee at Gramya Farms

The Vedic Process: Handcrafted Cultured A2 Ghee at Gramya Farms


Pure cow ghee has always been revered in the world of Ayurveda for its multiple health benefits and important role in Indian cooking. Gramya Farms takes immense pride in producing A2 cow desi ghee using the traditional Vedic cooking method, maintaining its purity and authenticity. Join us on a journey through the five sacred steps that go into making this golden elixir, where science and tradition combine to bring you the healthiest and most flavorful ghee.

Step One: Boiling for Purity
The foundation of pure ghee lies in the quality of the milk. At Gramya Farms, our milk is exclusively from indigenous breeds of cows that are known for their superior milk production and the nutrient-rich quality of their milk. These cows are raised with love and provided a nutritious diet of high-quality fodder and other healthy feeds like - barley, bajra, methi seeds, fresh green mustard cake, halim seeds, sunflower or cotton seeds, and broken wheat, which are freshly prepared twice a day.

We start with around 25–30 liters of this pristine milk to make one liter of pure A2 cow ghee. It is carefully boiled in an earthen pot over a low flame, ensuring that the milk's purity remains intact.

Step Two: The Journey to Curd
Once the milk has cooled to slightly above room temperature, a little amount of natural curd starter is added to kickstart the process. This mixture is then covered and left undisturbed overnight to allow the milk to naturally convert into curd. The smooth texture of the curd is then employed for the next phase in the process: churning.

Step Three: The Art of Churning
Churning is an important step in the making of pure cow ghee. Using a traditional wooden churner known as a "bilona," we embark on the meticulous process of churning the curd. Following the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the curd is gently churned in clockwise and anticlockwise motions. The churning process eventually separates the curd, changing it into butter and buttermilk. This transformation requires patience and precision, as the goal is to obtain the finest butter for the next step.

Step Four: Separating Fresh White Butter
After successfully separating the butter from the buttermilk, we proceed to the next critical step in the process. The buttermilk, which is known for its refreshing and nutritious features, is saved for later consumption by us and our farmers as a refreshment. The isolated white butter, with its rich and smooth texture, is washed before it becomes the pure cow ghee we cherish.

Step Five: The Final Transformation
Fresh white butter is gradually cooked over a low flame in a wide-bottomed vessel in this final phase. The moisture content of the butter evaporates as it gently warms, and a layer of milk solids accumulates at the bottom of the pot. The lactose molecules within the milk solids break down and disperse as the ghee-making process advances. This breakdown occurs due to the use of heat and the removal of water content, rendering the ghee virtually lactose-free.

The unmistakable aroma of pure desi cow ghee penetrates the air during this process, a delightful testament to its readiness. The milk solids are meticulously removed from the ghee, leaving behind a pure, golden elixir. This golden treasure is then placed in a dry glass jar, awaiting its journey to your kitchen.

Gramya Farms takes great pride in making pure cow ghee that is not only flavorful but also suited for a variety of dietary requirements. Our carefully prepared cultured A2 cow desi ghee goes through a rigorous process to assure its purity and quality, making it a versatile and healthier option.


Gramya Farms' Vedic process of producing cultured A2 cow desi ghee is a labour of love that combines old traditions with modern understanding. Each process, from boiling the milk to separating the milk solids, is methodically handled to produce pure cow ghee of exceptional quality. Enjoy the richness and health benefits of our cultured A2 cow desi ghee, knowing that it was made with the utmost care and respect for your general well-being.

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