About Us

Gramya Farms Journey

Gramya Farms started as a dream of mothers. Kiran Yadav and Deepa Kirodian wanted nothing more than to feed their loved ones with healthy and clean food. They first noticed that most of the produce purchased from the market was heavily lathered with chemicals and this produce had completely overtaken nearly every household around them

So, they chose to grow their own. Grow clean and unadulterated produce just the way Kiran’s family had taught her and her previous generations. They began their journey on family land and relentlessly worked for 5 long years to cure the land of its poisoning. That is how long it took them to finally get the farm back to how it could have been - untouched by human hands, all before planting a single seed. 

The original little patch of land, post it’s cleansing, bore a bounty higher than any of us expected. Word spread quickly and the neighbouring farmers who saw the abundance of produce came to us seeking advice and we were very motivated to teach them and spread the knowledge. Today, they are a part of the Gramya Farms family.

Eventually, what was born as a single farm, grew to a network of Grameens creating jobs for women and homemakers of the village. They spend their free time helping us create the produce, which is made in small batches everyday.


Why Gramya Farms

Gramya Farms is your own ‘grameen’- the feeling of that first bite of your soul food when you visit your own native place. The deeply nourishing dish made with pure intent and love, which fills your stomach in more ways than one. 

Gramya Farms will always ensure that you eat nothing but the best…made at home…made with love.


Gramya Farms Vision

Our vision is to bring your grameen closer to you with clean, healthy, naturally grown produce. Completely free from any artificial chemicals and a blessing to your health, immunity and lifestyle just the way it was to ours. From our home to yours.


Gramya Farms Mission

To be a trustworthy household name for clean, healthy, naturally grown produce. Totally free from any artificial chemicals, made with love and care.


Gramya Farms way

Ever wondered who looks after the plants and trees in the jungle…provide them fertilizers or keep them safe from attacks by pests and diseases or irrigate the soil to make sure they are healthy. It’s all a natural process, the law of Nature - Plants get 98% of their supply of nutrients from the air, water, and sunlight. The remaining 2% can be fulfilled by good quality soil with plenty of friendly microorganisms. Just like in forests and natural ecosystems.


Gramya Farms follows this ‘Law of Nature’ in the agricultural practices. Working with natural biodiversity of each farmed area, encouraging the complexity of living organisms of both plants and animals that shape the ecosystem to thrive along with what is grown on the farm. The soil is always covered with mulch to create humus that increases the holding capacity of natural carbon, which encourages the growth of friendly microorganisms, gradually adding nutrition in the soil, over a period of time.


Every single living organism on the farm helps make the entire ecosystem self-sustaining and zero-waste. Be it the multi-cropping method used in the farm where even the weeds are used for mulching, or the honeybees buzzing over the flora cross-pollinating and making sure the farm is always bountiful. While cow dung and cow urine is used to make fertilisers like ‘Jeevamrut’ and ‘Ghanjeevamrut’ and germicides such as ‘Agnishastra’. Making the produce completely chemical free. It is scientifically proven that indigenous Indian cow’s microbial content of cow dung, and urine contains high amounts of calcium, phosphorus, zinc and copper. Cow dung also harbours rich microbial diversity, containing good bacteria, protozoa and yeast. Making it a natural fertilizer and protector of the soil.